Factory Qualification

For every project our sourcing specialist work on we interview and vet more than a half-dozen potential manufactures and weed out those who aren’t 100% committed to providing excellent quality and pricing.

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are now turning to overseas sourcing and manufacturing  as a way of cutting costs.
At a fraction of the cost they can get their products designed, manufactured or developed by highly qualified companies who are skilled at what they do.  Manufacturing sourcing is definitely the way to go if you want to remain competitive with the larger players in your playing field. However, there are certain steps you should take to make sure your interests are protected.
Overseas manufacturers, just like the ones stateside come in all shapes and sizes.  Just like our domestic companies, there are also good, moderate , and not so good ones as well. The idea when sourcing for the right manufacturer for you is to find one that is good but at the same time reasonably priced compared to others in the field. That said, there are plenty of factors to consider when looking at costs associated with manufacturing and pricing is just one element of a successful outsource manufacturing project.


Example, when you receive pricing you must make sure that you know exactly what level of quality is factored in. Some outsource manufacturing companies may give you an on the surface low quote but may not mention what additional costs will be or that the price quoted is for a very low quality of manufacturing.  They will invest a long process and time with you getting your hopes up at the last minute raise the price hoping that with all the time you have already invested that you will just agree.

Another thing to be on alert for is the unforeseen screw-up. Sometimes the lowest bid outsource manufacturing companies will have a poor working system and lack production process. Just one failure in the overseas manufacturer’s process can really put a damper on your project and cause huge delay’s for you.

Another thing to consider is your manufacturing company stable financially and not at risk of going bankrupt (and taking your inventory with them).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what is the political situation like in the country of your overseas manufacturer? Is the political and economic situation stable enough that you can expect a reliable supply line?

Any one of these pitfalls can send your overseas manufacturing sourcing into a tailspin.

Don’t forget to also keep in mind the reputation and reliability of your overseas partner.  Are they an established manufacture with plenty of clientele who have provided testimonials?  Can those testimonials and any reviews be verified?  Do they have a solid reputation of putting out quality products and more importantly, can they manufacture produce your goods at a standard that meets your requirements?

Our sourcing specialist will get you on the write track find the quality and trusted manufacture you deserve!


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Welcome To One International!

We Specializes in Sourcing, Developing, Designing, Packaging and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) of Commercial, Retail & Promotional Products & licensing products from popular TV shows via domestic and offshore sources. OneIntl continues to develop Product Lines (in addition to sourcing existing products) for clients in industries such as Catalog Retail, Corporations, Convenience Stores, Entertainment, Professional Sports, Supermarkets,Veterinary/Medical, Festivals, Special Events & Concerts.

Are you the “Do it yourself type” and want to work direct with the manufacture and don’t have the time to travel to meet with new manufactures to develop face to face business relationship. We can help you with that at a fraction of the cost. You will save BIG $$$. We can start that relationship by sending one of our experienced team members that will investigate & confirm quality control, standards and negotiate pricing that will get you ready to work one on one.

One International is guaranteed to bring you the lowest pricing and best quality of product to your customers. We will save you 20% – 60% on your existing manufacturing & Shipping.

Department One: Is One Internationals concert and event producing department which specializes in event producing, booking, sponsorship, time management, logistics, marketing, advertising & branding.

One International Capabilities:

  • Consulting
  • Product Design & Development
  • Product Sourcing Domestic & International
  • Domestic and Foreign Manufacturing
  • Bulk Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Document Handling
  • Pre-Pricing
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Product Launching
  • Retail Distribution
  • Branding

D-One concert series capabilities:

  • Event Producing
  • Entertainment Booking (Bands/DJ’s & all unique entertainment)
  • Lighting/Sound
  • Choreography
  • Sponsorship’s
  • Event Location
  • Creative Concepts & Design
  • Logistics
  • Consulting
  • Stage Design & Event Layout
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Graphic Design

Welcome to One International. We hope we can make your day better with our one stop shop for manufacturing new ideas and pre-existing products and saving you lots of CASH!!! Together we can change the world with our creative ideas, skills and motivation…