Manufacturing an Idea -

Let us help you put your idea into production

Whether the need is for prototypes, samples, engineering, injection molding, tooling, assembly work, mass production or sourcing new or pre-existing products, we can facilitate and oversee it for our clients.

We specialize in commercial & retail products, brand merchandising, new inventions, festivals, concerts & event swag, circus’s & fair novelties and light ups as well as promotional products for branding your local business.

  • Sourcing new and pre-existing products
  • Shipping, Import and Export
  • Consulting
  • Design and Development
  • Domestic and Foreign Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Product Testing
  • Document Handling
  • Pre-pricing
  • Packaging and POS Displays
  • Retail Distribution

Many small businesses and even one-man entrepreneurs are now turning to overseas sourcing and manufacturing sourcing as a way of cutting costs.

For a good price they can get their products designed, manufactured or developed by highly qualified companies who are skilled at what they do.  Manufacturing sourcing is definitely the way to go if you want to remain competitive with the larger players in your niche. However, there are certain steps you should take to make sure your interests are protected.

Overseas manufacturing firms, just like those stateside come in all shapes and sizes.  And like our domestic companies, there are also good, medium, and not so good ones as well. The key when overseas sourcing for a custom manufacturer is to find one that is good but at the same time reasonably priced compared to others in the field. That said, there are plenty of factors to consider when looking at costs associated with overseas manufacturing and pricing is just one element of a successful outsource manufacturing project.