Running-man2Importing Never Made so Easy!

From the door of the overseas manufacturing facility we make sure that your goods arrive in your hands safely and on schedule. Because we handle shipping for hundreds of clients we are able to batch orders and get better bulk rates from our partner shipping lines. We also take the complexity out of the import process so you don’t have to be an import/export pro. We help to clear your goods through customs, pay duties, and file all the paper work involved. The goal is to save you time and money so that you have more of both to invest in building your business!

At One International Global Solutions, it’s all about customers’ satisfaction, how to meet and exceed their expectations. At One International, customers are placed at the heart of our corporate strategy. Our Customer care is to develop and create series of secured and safe services and fast moving solutions that One International designed to enhance the level of our customer satisfaction.

At One International, our global organization is geared to offer the best solution to our customers’ transportation requirements whichever, wherever, making safety and security top priority in our operations.

We will take all the headaches away from importing and exporting, arranging the shipping of your goods and handling all the documentation and duties so that they arrive safely and on schedule.

One International offers its customers a comprehensive Door/Ramp to Door/Ramp service, fully integrated into our main line services.
One International tailor-made inland solutions provide seamless transcontinental or regional connections using vessel feeder services, barges and block trains, giving preference to the most eco-friendly option.

International shipping can be mysterious — and it’s costly and time-consuming when it goes wrong.

Receiving shipments from outside the US 

All incoming shipments are cleared by U.S. Customs, with varying levels of scrutiny.

  • Some items are restricted at the import stage Biological specimens
    • Certain fish and wildlife, and products made from them
    • Fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, soil
    • Items from Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, and most of Sudan
  • Some items are restricted at the delivery stage
  • Import duty may be due, based on the item’s tariff code and its value.
  • The shipment can be delayed or incur unexpected costs if the paperwork is wrong or incomplete.

It can be hard to fix problems once the shipment is sitting in US Customs.

The best way to help ensure the shipment arrives as quickly and trouble-free as possible is to have both the export and the import set up and aligned before anything is shipped — it’s much easier to make corrections. Let us set your mind to ease and facilitate all the shipping & Import/Export needs to assure your product arrives safely and on schedule.


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