Shipping & Import

From the door of the overseas manufacturing facility we make sure that your goods arrive in your hands safely and on schedule. Because we handle shipping for hundreds of clients we are able to batch orders and get better bulk rates from our partner shipping lines. We also take the complexity out of the import process so you don’t have to be an import/export pro. We  help to clear your goods through customs, pay duties, and file all the paper work involved. The goal is to save you time and money so that you have more of both to invest in building your business!


Shipping to your door

First time importers often find that just the logistics of getting their product shipped is over whelming and can cost timely and financial mistakes if not done right.  Even for established businesses, it is an area that can soak up valuable time. This is where we come in and relieve you of some of the burden, leaving you free to run your business and sell more product.



♦   Quality Checks at the Factory
♦   Choice of Shipping by Sea or Air
♦   Insurance to protect your investment on its journey to you
♦   Importation & Customs Clearance
♦   Local Delivery to Your Door




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